This is the world’s cheapest 1TB SSD for the next 10 hours

  • Until 2359 tonight, eBay UK is doing 15% off electronics which will bring the price of the SU650 to an all time low of £72.24 (including VAT).  You have to use the code PLUGIN15 at checkout. We received unconfirmed reports that this non UK residents can also get this deal; the original article follows below.

Pioneer’s reign as the cheapest per terabyte SSD didn’t last long as another storage manufacturer, Adata, is now selling the Ultimate SU650, a 0.96TB SSD, for $85.99 at popular online retailer, NewEgg, until Monday 20. Granted it is not a 1TB model like Pioneer’s but it has a cheaper per TB cost at $89.57, undercutting its rival by $3.42 (or 3.68%). Every little helps.

Like most drives within this price bracket, this is a SATA-3 DRAM-less internal drive that uses 3D NAND Flash memory with SLC caching and “advanced error correction” technologies. Adata quotes speeds of 520MBps and 450MBps on read and write respectively, which makes it a below average SSD but still far, far faster than most, if not all, hard drives.

Free software galore!

Every SU650 purchase qualifies for free downloads of ADATA SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility. The first one allows users to monitor and manage the SU650, with drive status, wear level, and lifespan information while the Migration Utility is especially helpful for users making the move from HDD to SSD, as it is designed for simple and quick backup and migration of the contents of entire drives, including the operating system.

A 2.5mm spacer is bundled for use in 9.5mm drive bays, allowing compatibility with virtually every laptop, desktop PC, and gaming console.

You can only buy five of these drives at a time. Note that they come with three year warranty and that you can buy them in the UK from CCL Computers for £79.99, which is roughly the same price when you remove UK Value Added Tax (VAT). 

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