Cheyenne Floyd: Yes, I Want More Kids… with Cory!

Let’s face it:

Cheyenne Floyd has been the most boring Teen Mom of all the Teen Mom OGs this season.

That’s not an insult. Heck, it’s nearly a compliment because it means her life has been relatively stable — which doesn’t exactly lead to significant storylines on a show such as this.

Most of Floyd’s initial run on the program has centered on her relationship with Cory Wharton and whether the two will get back together.

On stage at part two of the reunion special, Floyd doesn’t exactly answer this question. But she sort of does.

See what we mea below…

Together Again

Together Again

On stage, at least, as Cory and Cheyenne taped their segment of a reunion special that will air on 12/31/18 many weeks ago.

Wait, Is That Cory Crying?

Wait, Is That Cory Crying?

Yup. It sure is. He actually dissolves in tears early on while talking to Dr. Drew.

What Prompts the Waterworks?

What Prompts the Waterworks?

Talk of his daughter with Cheyenne, a toddler named Ryder. Wharton opens up like never before on this episode.

What Do You Mean? What Does He Say?

What Do You Mean? What Does He Say?

“I mean, just from the time of meeting Ryder from day one, I have changed as a person,” Cory admits, as the tears flow and Floyd comforts her ex-lover.

It’s a Blessing, It Really Is. It’s a Blessing.

It's a Blessing, It Really Is. It's a Blessing.

Cory said this to a strong reaction from both those in attendance and from Cheyenne as well.

Cheyenne Floyd and Child

Cheyenne Floyd and Child

Cheyenne Floyd had her first child at 24. Though she was never a Teen Mom, she’ll soon join the cast of Teen Mom OG.

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