Things to do in Atlanta (when you’re not watching football)

The unofficial capital of the American South is known for its history with the Civil Rights Movement, delicious food, abundance of museums, and sports. Whether you’re in Atlanta (aka Hot ‘Lanta) to attend the Big Game or a regular tourist, there’s plenty of neighborhoods and sites to visit.

World of Coca-Cola

Step into the Coca-Cola Universe right in the center of Atlanta. Why Atlanta? Because that’s where the good stuff was first made, so it’s only right that there’s a whole museum dedicated to it (if there’s a cooler brand that’s stood the test of time, let us know). Like the Willy Wonka Factory of soda, the museum has a tasting room full of all the weird and wonderful products Coca Cola has sold over the years. Tip: don’t try the Beverly. Or do, because everyone likes to do what they’re told not to.

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Little Five Points

Calling all hipsters, you have found your place: just 2 miles outside the city center. Little Five Points is the epitome of cool; from the graffiti pieces on walls and record shops to breweries, this little free-spirited district is worth spending a whole afternoon at. Looking for somewhere to eat? Head to Vortex to see one of Atlanta’s more interesting restaurants and stuff your face with some of America’s top-rated burgers. We could think of worse ways to pass the time.

Martin Luther King National Historical Park

Every January, we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy. Given he was born in Atlanta, heading to his museum and park is clearly a must on any itinerary. Check out his work, as well as the house he grew up in (with everything still in tact, like his 1930’s furniture). Looking to up your MLK knowledge further? Check out this heritage tour.

Olympic Park

Come full-circle right back to the center again (back to the location of  Coca Cola-dom) is the Olympic Park. The park has a London Eye-style ferris wheel and the iconic Olympic rings fountain. If you’re looking to get in on the action before the Big Game, you’ll find a concert here with various Hip Hop & R&B artists performing along with a football podcast. Entry is free, so get amongst it!

Botanical Gardens

Get lost in midtown Atlanta’s whimsical Botanic Gardens. From the amazing plant structures to the intricate night time light displays, it’s easy to forget you are in a city!

CNN Studio Tour

Check out the headquarters of America’s first all-news network: CNN. Here you’ll get a sweet behind-the-scenes look at what goes into filming a live news broadcast. They even sell VIP tours, for those who are really interested and getting an enhanced journalism experience.

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Eat Southern Food

Foodies, assemble! From your grits and biscuits to southern fried chicken and barbecue, there’s PLENTY of goodies to sample around the city. Does the sound of that leave your tastebuds tingling? Then this is the tour for you.

Atlanta Film Tour

Atlanta’s up-and-coming film scene is giving Hollywood a run for its money! From behind-the-scenes stories to filming locations, this Atlanta Film Tour is the perfect way to get your geek on. Great for fans of the Hunger Games, the Walking Dead, Captain America, and everything in between.

Honorable Mention: Marriott Marquis & Westin Peachtree Plaza hotels

Although we often associate accommodation for its usual features… (think comfort, location and great views) these two places have something special. Any self-respecting Hunger Games fan MUST visit the Marriott for a chance to snap a pic in the very place the film was shot, and go on to enjoy the views of the city from above. Then, the Westin is just a few minutes walk away – and although Katniss didn’t grace the halls with her steps, this place has an iconic revolving restaurant right at the top. Perfect to get your classy on over a few drinks!

So, there we have it. Atlanta can definitely hold its own outside of the Big Game – and now you know when you’re not getting your kicks there, the city can, and will, show you a good time.

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